iMReports by XCool Apps

Version: 1.1

US $4.99

Introducing iMReports, the premium application designed exclusively for ClickBank affiliates/vendors and AdSense advertisers.

Quickly check your ClickBank affiliate/vendor sales activities and AdSense earnings using your iPhone or iPod touch. iMReports supports UNLIMITED number of ClickBank, ClickBank Master and AdSense accounts.

Yes, you read that correctly: iMReports is the first ever ClickBank-dedicated iPhone app that also supports the new ClickBank Master account. iMReports is also the first ever app of its kind to make full use of the recently-released AdSense Management API. With that, iMReports makes it simpler, easier and more secure to access all your multiple account activities via a single login. 

Check your internert marketing earnings from

the comfort of your iPhone or iPod touch!

If ClickBank Master accounts support is not enough, we decided to go the extra mile by adding support for ClickBank analytics. View the latest trends for all your affiliate/vendor campaigns and get a quick glance at their performance, exactly like how it appears on!


iMReports for ClickBank accounts support the following features:

  1. Daily/Weekly Snapshot - Latest available snapshots

  2. Paychecks - Latest available paychecks

  3. Transactions - Latest available transactions (max 1 year)

  4. Analytics - Latest analytics data by affiliate/vendor (max 120 days)

iMReports for ClickBank Master accounts support the following features:

  1. Sales by Account

  2. Paychecks by Account

iMReports for Google AdSense accounts support the following features:

  1. Overview - Latest daily/monthly earnings

  2. Reports - Latest Performance Reports


  1. Support for an UNLIMITED number of accounts.

  2. Simply enter your ClickBank, ClickBank Master or AdSense account details and you'll be up and checking your sales activities and earnings within seconds!

  3. Best of both ClickBanks: ClickBank Master offers a quick glimpse across all your accounts, while ClickBank normal accounts lets you access even more details stats.


Everything in iMReports works via a simple Pull-to-Refresh, something you may already be very familiar with. If you want to get your hands dirty, then feel free to refine the available search/Performance Report options according to your taste! Search options may be refined for ClickBank Transactions, ClickBank Analytics and AdSense Performance Reports, just like how it is on or the AdSense website!


Master: Sales by Account

Master: Paychecks by Account

ClickBank Analytics

ClickBank Analytics - Refine

ClickBank: Transaction Details

Master: Sales by Account

AdSense: OAuth Security

Pull-to-Refresh. Everything.

ClickBank Transactions: Refine


Stop dragging that heavy laptop wherever you go, especially when you are on a vacation! Keep track of all your earnings in style, anywhere, everywhere.

All you need is an iPhone or iPod touch, a copy of iMReports and internet connection to get started.


iMReports works well across 3G or Wi-Fi networks, even when loading large portions of data!

Besides, utilizing the official AdSense Management API means iMReports is nothing but fast - really FAST!

ClickBank: Snapshot


Passcode lock feature lets you keep iMReports to your own eyes only.

Your username/login and password is stored securely (and encrypted) on the device.

All connections are made via Secured HTTPS connections. No private data is sent to a 3rd-party server other than ClickBank/ClickBank Master and AdSense servers.


ClickBank may occasionally post new terms and conditions which require your viewing and may cause iMReports to fail during such instances. Simply login to ClickBank directly using a standard web browser, and confirm each new message for the affected accounts to fix this.


iMReports actually stands for "iMarketingReports", that's because we have more updates for other internet marketing networks in the future. Keep your eyes peeled!

ClickBank: Paychecks

iMReports: Passcode

iMReports: Settings

iMReports: Help Manual

NEW in iMReports v1.1: Google AdSense account support

Check your latest Google AdSense earnings, with support for AdSense Performance Reports. Get a better insight into how much you are earning through the AdSense program and what factors impact those earnings. View AdSense trends and compare important metrics easily.

AdSense Performance Reports

AdSense Reports - Refine

AdSense: Earnings Overview

AdSense: Performance Reports

Add Accounts Easily

What’s New in iMReports v1.1

  1. Support for AdSense accounts

  2. Bug fixes and optimizations

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by sending an email to support [at]